550209 - Interleaf Foil Silver

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Colour: Silver
Case: 5000
Size: 9.5" x 10"

Honeycomb design creates air pockets for superior heat retention. Paper liner provides moisture absorption and keeps buns fresh. Excellent for foods displayed in heated cabinets. Foil spreads heat and maintains a fresh premium appearance.


I’ve been buying from Alpha Eagle Group for over 5 years now, and they have been amazing to work with. Timely deliveries, competitive pricing and superior customer service. If your looking for anything packaging related, I’d definitely try them out.


We have been purchasing from Alpha Eagle Group for over a year now and they have been extremely good with sourcing and delivering the packaging we need in a timely manner. A great supplier and would highly recommend them to any restaurant looking for a reliable supplier for their food packaging.

Gourav S